About us

The Gallery Karl Hagenauer was established in 2001 by Karl Hagenauer (the son of the designer Karl Hagenauer), who bought and collected figures from the 1990ies on. He did this with the intention to trade the objects because since the closing of the workshop Hagenauer in 1987 there has been a great demand among art connoisseurs.
An advantage for the opening of a shop was that the initial Hagenauer store from the late 1930ies could be used as the new sales room. Over the years the grandson of the designer Karl Hagenauer also participated in the business activities and the product range was enlarged – more and more objects from other Austrian workshops from the 20th century were sold. Meanwhile there is a huge variety of figures from all Hagenauer periods but also from designers like Walter Bosse, Carl Auböck, Bermann, Goldscheider, Anzengruber and many more.

If you possess objects which you would like to sell, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are interested in buying objects from all workshops that are represented in our gallery. No matter whether they have to be restored or not. Please come to see us in our shop or send us your pictures via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In case that there is no doubt that the object is original, we can also offer you a certificate with an expert’s opinion and the historical background of the object. The costs for this warrant depend on the effort. Apart from that we restore your wood-, metal- and pottery-objects. Although we are concerned with the objects and the market since approximately twenty years, there are still drafts out there that we have not seen before. Due to this, it is even more interesting for us to take a closer look at your objects, whose authenticity and value to the market we can estimate for you.